Admission Notification
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#College / Institution NameTypeDescriptionPublished OnDocument
161Government Degree College KanganNON-CUETCounselling Notice for NON-CUET Round 206 Sep 2023View Document
162Government Gandhi Memorial Science CollegeNotificationCounselling of left over vacant seats under CUET/Non CUET Catagory for admission to Semester-1 FYUGP-2023-2024 will be held on 15 September at 10:00 PM. Detailed schedule along with the list of candidates will be displayed soon13 Sep 2023View Document
163Government Degree College KhourNotificationCounselling Schedule 13 Sep 2023View Document
164Government Degree College KhourNotificationCounselling Schedule18 Aug 2023View Document
165Government Degree College MahanpurCUETCOUNSELLING SCHEDULE20 Aug 2023View Document
166Government Degree College DanghiwachaNotificationCounselling schedule for CUET and Non- CUET CANDIDATES23 Aug 2023View Document
167Government Degree College KulgamNotificationCOUNSELLING SCHEDULE for CUET and Non-CUET CANDIDATES (2nd ROUND)30 Aug 2023View Document
168Government Degree College GhagwalCUETCounselling Schedule for CUET Round 1 From S.No. 1 to 12 19-08-2023 From S.No. 13 to 24 20-08-2023 17 Aug 2023View Document
169Government Degree College MarheenCUETCounselling Schedule for CUET Round 118 Aug 2023View Document
170Department of Commerce Udhampur Campus University of JammuCUETCOUNSELLING SCHEDULE FOR CUET ROUND II FOR B.COM (FYUGP) SESSION 2023-24 28 Aug 2023View Document
171Government Degree College UttersooNotificationcounselling schedule for CUET/NON-CUET19 Aug 2023View Document
172MAM College JammuNotificationCounselling Schedule for Leftover seats.15 Sep 2023View Document
173Hamidi Kashmiri Memorial Government Degree College Eidgah SrinagarNotificationCounselling schedule for NON CUET 23 Aug 2023View Document
174Government Degree College MarheenNON-CUETCounselling Schedule for NON CUET Round 118 Aug 2023View Document
175MAM College JammuNON-CUETCounselling Schedule for Non CUET Seat Allocation, Categorywise05 Sep 2023View Document
176Government Degree College BanihalNotificationCounselling schedule for Non- CUET candidates against left over seat13 Sep 2023View Document
177Government Degree College PadderNON-CUETCounselling schedule for Non-CUET Candidates27 Aug 2023View Document
178MAM College JammuNON-CUETCounselling Schedule for NON-CUET Round 4.01 Sep 2023View Document
179Government Degree College BanihalNotificationCounselling schedule for spot round CUET candidate's13 Sep 2023View Document
180Government Degree College KhanSahib BudgamCUETcounselling Schedule Round 0117 Aug 2023View Document